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Arbor Webinar: Proactively Hunt APTs


17 maj 2016

Arbor The best defence is a good offence . This strategy has proven successful in geopolitics, business, and athletic competition. It’s also works against APTs directed by patient attackers - the most serious threat your team is facing.

By proactively hunting for campaigns already active in your systems, your team can disrupt them before it’s too late. But doesn’t “hunting” require scarce, highly skilled individuals? And lots of time to prepare and put into operation? Not anymore.

Learn more on the 17 May, 2016 webcast "Your Team Can Start Hunting APTs Now - Really" with Arbor Principal Security Technologist Paul Bowen.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn how Arbor’s new Spectrum analytics and hunting platform transforms hunting to take just minutes – not hours or days.
  • See how Spectrum’s network traffic approach changes the game to give your team an unfair advantage

Date : Tuesday, 17th May 2016
Time : 18:00 BST
Featured Speaker : Paul Bowen – Principle Security Technologist

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