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A Leader in Software-Defined Networking

Brocade is a leading provider of software-defined networking and application delivery controller solutions that enable organisations to effortlessly migrate to a virtualised environment. As an ever-increasing amount of applications and data are located in virtualised worlds, Brocade’s ability to address strategic business objectives such as consolidation, network convergence, virtualisation, and cloud computing is extremely valuable.

Brocade Vyatta – Leading Open Source SDN Controller

One of the company’s flagship solutions is Brocade Vyatta, the industry’s leading open source software-defined networking (SDN) controller. The Brocade Vyatta SDN controller translates application instructions to the relevant network devices; this enables programmers to develop network applications to support new and unique requirements.

Brocade vADC – New Approach to Application Delivery

Brocade has also added the Brocade vADC platform to its offerings. This is a virtual and software-based Layer 7 application delivery controller with integrated web content optimisation (WCO) and web application firewall (WAF).

Combining traffic management software with an application delivery controller, the Brocade vADC platform allows users to optimise the performance of their website; ensuring applications and services are available and safe at all times.

To demonstrate the quality of its technology, Brocade’s products are used in over 90 per cent of Global 1000 data centres as well as in enterprise LANs and the largest service provider networks. With the way organisations’ IT environments are changing, with virtualisation and cloud computing now commonplace, Brocade’s software-defined networking and application delivery controller solutions are vital tools in an organisation’s IT armoury.

Book the Brocade Demo Lab

Would you like to test Brocade’s solutions? You can utilise Zycko’s demonstration facilities remotely or on site across Europe to test or demonstrate any of the wide range of solutions the company provides. To book a demonstration of Brocade Vyatta or Brocade SteelApp, please visit the Zycko demonstration lab page here .

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