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Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager


Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager

Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager provides complete control over user traffic, allowing administrators to accelerate, optimise, and secure key business transactions; whilst rapidly improving web application response times for public and private clients. With Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager, applications can run in any environment—physical, virtual, or cloud—and migrate and scale on demand. One of the fastest software-based ADCs on the market, Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager is used by seven of the top 10 global telecommunications providers, and also powers some of the most popular sites on the web.

Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager Benefits include:

  • Speed: Accelerate services, increase capacity, and reduce costs by offloading performance-draining tasks such as SSL and compression onto Brocade vADC’s optimised implementations; cache frequently accessed content and deliver traffic to benchmark standards.
  • Reliability : Ensure application up-time by intelligently distributing traffic, avoiding failed or degraded servers, monitoring performance problems, and shaping traffic spikes
  • Improved security : Only admit traffic types that meet configured policies &and control how that traffic is internally routed combined with high-performance inspection capabilities that interrogate any part of a request or response to apply global filtering or scrubbing policies.
  • Ease of management : Brocade vADC can be deployed on the software or virtual platform of choice without the inconvenience of introducing another propiaratory hardware platform to customer’s data centres.  Administrators can also use it to shape, prioritise, and route traffic, drain infrastructure resources prior to maintenance, and to upgrade user sessions across application instances, all while preserving the user experience that business demands.

Brocade Web Content Accelerator

Brocade Web Content Accelerator is a web page content accelerator that dynamically groups activities for fewer long distance round trips between browser and server. Brocade Web Content Accelerator compresses images to maximise available bandwidth, increases caching for faster repeat visits, and prioritises actions to provide the best possible response time for loading web pages on any browser, without the need to change website code.

Brocade Web Content Accelerator benefits organisations by:

  • Accelerating public websites for both initial and repeat visits, helping to ensure that visitors don’t switch to a competitors site, stay to view multiple pages of the website and contributes to its search engine ranking.
  • Speeding up Microsoft SharePoint-based websites and intranets with load times reduced 46 – 64% on first view and up to 50% on repeat views, start render reduced more than 50% and YSlow score up from E to B.
  • Giving staff fast access to the tools they need to succeed via any browser on any platform. 
  • Boosting the performance of online shopping portals:  Faster, more responsive websites encourage visitor stickiness right through to the sales pages, resulting in more individual orders and greater average spend per order.
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