ExaGrid Key Features
  • Creates the fastest back ups for your IT environment, both locally & at secondary sites
  • Achieves better storage utilisation and scalability as data & retention requirements grow
  • Automates the management of complex physical & virtual environments
  • Speeds data recovery with instant restore capabilities
  • Works with existing backup applications
  • Low cost solution comparable to the cost of tape
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ExaGrid Systems


Disk-based Back up Solution & Post-Process Deduplication

Leader in disk-based back up and post-process deduplication since 2002, ExaGrid Systems has revolutionised how organisations back up and protect their data. The ExaGrid system is a cost-effective scalable disk-based back up and recovery solution that not only works with your existing back up applications but delivers the fastest back ups also. The system provides instant recovery of virtual machines and files, and has the lowest cost of ownership.


Enterprise Data Protection

ExaGrid’s disk-based back up solution is much more versatile than tape and can reduce an organisation’s back up window by 30 to 80%. The speed and reliability of data back ups is increased through ExaGrid systems, offering high-level enterprise data protection, fast recovery in the event of a disaster, and significantly reduced or eliminated tape handling, shipment and storage.


ExaGrid Distributor

As a leader in enterprise data protection, back up and recovery, it’s no wonder why incubator of new technologies and value-add provider Zycko chooses to be an ExaGrid distributor. ExaGrid fits nicely in Zycko’s vendor portfolio, complementing most vendors and working extremely well with existing technologies such as HDPS powered by Commvault. Both vendor and ExaGrid distributor, Zycko have over the years won a number of awards for their contribution and thought-leadership in the industry and looks forward to providing many more years of cost efficient back up and recovery and post-process deduplication for its partners.

ExaGrid Cost-Effective Disk-based Backup

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