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Huawei Servers


High Performance Server Solutions

Huawei has a wide range of high performance servers available to customers, including rack servers, blade servers and high density servers. Each product specialises in different elements of the IT environment but all deliver reliable, cost effective and high performance computing.

Huawei RH Series

Huawei's RH Series of rack servers comprises 11 different solutions. This family contains two or four Intel Xeon high performance processors with shelf heights of anything between one and eight units. Huawei’s rack servers provide high density, large capacity-storage, high performance, high reliability and high scalability. This lowers customers’ costs while ensuring their servers are able to cope with whatever demands they face.

Huawei RH Series - Servers

Huawei E Series

The E Series blade servers are highly efficient machines with exceptional performance that also boast high scalability and virtualisation performance. The Huawei E Series is an ideal choice for customers' growing businesses as they consolidate computing, switching, storage, IOs and management subsystems into one single chassis.

Huawei E Series Server

Huawei X Series

For cloud computing and data centre applications, Huawei’s X Series of servers combines the benefits of cabinet servers with high scalability and blade servers with high density. As such, the solutions offer lower power, higher density and server virtualisation consolidation for enterprise operations.

Huawei X Series Server

As well as these three families of servers, Huawei also provides high performance PCIe SSD cards to prevent IO bottleneck and ensure servers perform to their maximum potential. Additional software will enable customers and third parties to effectively manage their servers.

This broad range of servers caters to the varying demands placed on organisations’ IT systems. With Huawei’s high performance computers delivering both exceptional scalability and reliability, customers will find a cost effective solution to meet their needs.

Would you like to test Huawei’s high performance server solutions? You can utilise Zycko’s demonstration facilities remotely or on site across Europe to test or demonstrate any of the wide range of solutions the company provides. To book a demonstration of Huawei’s server solutions or anything else, please visit the Zycko Demonstration Lab page here .

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