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Huawei Storage


High Performance Scalable Storage Solutions

Huawei has a wide range of high performance storage products. These include the company’s block and unified storage: S2200T, S2600T, S5500T, S5600T, S5800T, N8500, N9000; its Dorado SSD SAN solution; and its enterprise storage solutions, the S6800T and the Oceanstor 18500 and 18800.

With such a vast portfolio of storage solutions, Huawei is able to meet the varied demands of its customers, enabling it to deliver on today’s requirements for centralised, high-availability clustering, data sharing, big data and cloud storage.

Huawei’s enterprise unified, block and massive storage solutions focus on reliability and performance. They provide high-performance clustering and huge scalability while remaining extremely reliable and cost-effective. This means customers can deploy a storage system that will meet its constantly evolving needs without the need for large investment.

Huawei data protection complements its storage systems by providing industry-leading backup, disaster recovery and cloud storage backup. Furthermore, all of Huawei’s solutions include backup storage and virtual tape library series.

Huawei also has its own data storage software, which comes with powerful, easy-to-use features so that it can fully support resource management, disaster recovery, backup and other data storage needs.

As organisations of all sizes find themselves having to cope with more and more data, Huawei’s storage products provide the ideal solution. They are highly reliable, intelligent, scalable, cost-effective and come with exceptional data protection and backup, ensuring a company’s data remains safe and easy to access.

Huawei OceanStor 18500 - Storage Solutions from Huawei

Would you like to test Huawei’s high performance storage solutions? You can utilise Zycko’s demonstration facilities remotely or on site across Europe to test or demonstrate any of the wide range of solutions the company provides. To book a demonstration of Huawei’s storage solutions or anything else, please visit the Zycko Demonstration Lab page here.

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