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Huawei Switches


High Performance Switches for any Computer Environment

Huawei can equip organisations with a range of high performance switches ideal for any computing environment. These include data centre switches, campus switches, and SOHO & SMB switches.

Data Centre Switches

Huawei’s data centre switches offer unmatched performance, scalability and reliability for enterprise data centres. With more and more organisations relying heavily on the cloud and an increasing number of companies looking to exploit the powerful potential of big data, ensuring maximum performance from the data centre is incredibly important. The Huawei CloudEngine series of data centre switches is designed for next generation data centres and the product family includes a wide variety of high-density Gigabit Ethernet switches.

Huawei Data Centre Switches

Campus Switches

The Huawei campus switches have been created for both large-scale campus networks and managing capacity and performance in data centres. These high performance switches have 100 Mbit per second line speeds and are easily integrated with CloudEngine switches to meet even the highest bandwidth demands.

Huawei Campus Switch

SOHO & SMB Switches

Huawei also has its S1700 series of enterprise switches. These next-generation, energy-saving, Ethernet access SOHO & SMB switches have a wide array of features to help customers build secure, reliable and high performance networks – they are particularly well suited for small and medium-sized businesses, schools, hotels and medical facilities.

Huawei SMB Switches

Boasting a large selection of high performance switches, Huawei can offer the perfect solution for any organisation to ensure their computing environment is reliable, scalable, and performs at its best.

Would you like to test Huawei’s high performance switches? You can utilise Zycko’s demonstration facilities remotely or on site across Europe to test or demonstrate many of the wide range of solutions the company provides. To book a demonstration of Huawei’s switches or anything else, please visit the Zycko Demonstration Lab page here.

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