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Lifesize Digital MicPod


Lifesize Digital MicPod – Lifesize HD Microphone

Lifesize Digital MicPod perfectly complements Lifesize Phone Second Generation , bringing crystal-clear audio to even the largest of spaces. Not only does the Lifesize HD microphone offer a 48 kHz pro-audio sampling rate, but also reduces ambient room noise and features beam-forming technology that automatically steers its three micophones towards the person who is speaking for greater voice pickup.

The Lifesize HD microphone has a touch-sensitive mute button, and the “mute” and “in-call” LED indicators emphasise the user-friendly features that makes the Lifesize Digital MicPod a distinct choice for organisations needing to extend the pickup range of the Lifesize Phone . The Lifesize Digital MicPod is powered exclusively by Lifesize Phone Second Generation via two Lifesize Link connectors.

Lifesize Digital MicPod

Lifesize Digital MicPod Key Features:

  • Beam-forming technology through three microphone elements
  • 48kHz audio sample rate
  • Mute and in-call LED indicators
  • Up to two Lifesize Digital MicPods supported by each Lifesize Phone, or Lifesize Phone Second Generation
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