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Lifesize Phone HD


Enhancing Your Connected Experience

Lifesize® Phone™ HD is an essential part of the connected experience, share content, launch calls, join meetings, change layouts and do more with ease. Lifesize Phone HD connects users to all of the benefits of Lifesize Cloud wrapped up in a beautiful, easy-to-use package.

Touchscreen Simplicity

The Lifesize® Phone™ HD has a larger, dramatic new interface which provides rapid access to the most popular features. The user interface is inspired by the best user interfaces in the mobile space, customer testing and market feedback. Every pixel has a purpose. Elements are logically placed on each screen, and predictive actions get users into their call and conducting the business of the meeting quickly. With its vivid and more responsive touchscreen, the Lifesize® Phone™ HD delivers a clearly engaging video communication experience.

Lifesize Phone HD

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