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Enterprise Subscription Plan


Connect Every Person & Meeting Room to Lifesize Cloud

Every person and every meeting within your organisation deserves to be video-enabled with the best communication tool available, Lifesize Cloud. Now with Lifesize Enterprise Subscription Plan you can.

The benefits of providing everyone and every room in your organisation a Lifesize Cloud subscription are vast. Employees see the entire company directory, not just a select group of co-workers, so everyone is connected at all times, making collaboration quick and easy and boosting productivity.

With the Enterprise Subscription Plan, you get access to a vast number of exclusive features like; unlimited virtual meeting rooms; a pre-set number of hours of Lifesize Cloud Amplify, SSO (Single Sign-on) and many more. You can also purchase a multi-year Enterprise Subscription Plan, saving money and giving you price protection.

Download the Lifesize Cloud Enterprise Subscription Plan data sheet here, to find out more information.

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