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Lifesize Icon 800


Lifesize Icon 800 – The Ultimate Video Conferencing Tool

The Lifesize Icon 800 is the ideal tool for managing video conferences in a large meeting room or auditorium. With a wide range of HD and audio inputs and outputs, this easy-to-use communication device brings market-leading video conferencing to any smart device.

The Lifesize Icon 800 can be operated with a six-button remote control or using touchscreen Lifesize Phone, making it quick and painless to select the video input for both primary and secondary streams. It has an intuitive ‘heads up’ user interface and can connect with multiple video devices – from HD cameras through to laptops and DVRs – making it simpler than ever to embrace the benefits and flexibility of video conferencing.

The product includes the new Lifesize Link Adapter, which will support long cable runs. Furthermore, the Lifesize Icon 800 is ideal for systems integrators because the video conferencing solution readily integrates with third party systems, while the fact that it fits into any industry-stand rack or podium makes it simple to install.

Lifesize Icon 800

Product Benefits Include:

  • Seamless call escalation to make it easier to add new people to a video conference with just one click
  • Streamlined and intuitive user interface to make it simpler to set up and manage video conferencing
  • Integration with Lifesize UVC core applications so it is easy to add powerful video capabilities
  • Sleek remote control for easy user navigation
  • Video and sharing quality of up to 1080p HD
  • The ability to connect to two HD monitors at the same time
  • Options to connect with PTZ cameras and support for 1080p HD as well as 10x zoom capability
  • Touchscreen via a smartphone to allow for effortless management of both audio and video

Lifesize Demonstration Suite

If you would like to see Lifesize HD Video Conferencing in action, you can utilise Zycko’s demonstration suites across Europe or if preferred, request an onsite proof of concept. To book a Lifesize demonstration, please visit the Zycko Demonstration Lab page here.

Download your free Lifesize Cloud trial here >

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