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Lifesize Icon Flex


Video Conferencing on any Leading Collaboration Application

The Lifesize Icon Flex removes one of the main obstacles to video conferencing. The solution delivers a complete, business-class video and audio conferencing solution ideally suited for small meeting rooms that works with any leading video collaboration application. Whether the business is using Microsoft Lync, Google Hangouts, Skype, Cisco Jabber or Lifesize Cloud, the user can simply use Lifesize Icon Flex for seamless video collaboration.

Designed for small meeting rooms, the product is affordable, easy to use and simple to install. The business-class, award-winning hardware provides an exceptional meeting experience across a wide range of video collaboration applications.

By enabling video conferencing regardless of the collaboration application a particular business is using, Lifesize Icon Flex makes this form of communication far more accessible.

Lifesize Icon Flex

With a 1080p HD quality camera, Lifesize Icon Flex provides superb images that make it seem as though all the people on the video conference are sat in the same room. The solution can be operated effortlessly with a remote control so every element of the video call can be set up perfectly for its particular environment.

What also makes Lifesize Icon Flex stand out from the rest is that the company’s elegantly designed Lifesize Phone can also be used as a stand-alone conference phone, giving the user one less device to manage in the small meeting room.

To book a demonstration of Lifesize’s video conferencing solutions or anything else, please visit the Zycko Demonstration Lab page here.

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