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Lifesize Room 220


Multipoint Video Conferencing

Lifesize Room 220 is the world’s most powerful HD communications system offering multipoint video conferencing for up to eight users in any sized meeting room. Capabilities of this advanced technology include viewing the four most active speakers at any one time, or choosing to focus on the primary speaker.

Other options that make this the most sought after multipoint video conferencing system in the industry include options for dual or third cameras and displays, the ability to view different room angles with a simple switch, and being able to see all eight participants on one screen whilst viewing data on the other. Not only this, but because Lifesize Room 220 offers connections for additional video devices, or paired with Lifesize Phone, codec and Camera 10X, it can be used in any working environment and makes it feel like you’re simply in the same room.

Lifesize Room 220

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