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Software Defined Networking Management Solution

Nuage provides a cohesive software defined networking management solution across multiple data centres/clouds to branch networks via one platform for multi-vendor environments.

Rival vendors typically segregate their SDN management across separate solutions and lock customers into single vendor environments. Nuage offer what customers are increasingly asking to deploy in open environments across multiple data centres/clouds utilising a mixture of hypervisors whilst re-using existing multi-vendor network infrastructure hardware.

Nuage’s Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) enables customers to automatically provision network connectivity and services within the same time frame that applications are spun up. Their simple, policy driven management solution works across the largest global networks with carrier grade resiliency.

An example case study showed 50% reduction in operational expense, 10x improvement in turn-up response time and reduction in errors and 40% increase in asset utilisation and flexibility.

What other vendors may possibly offer via a future technology roadmap, Nuage can deliver now for partners offering managed SDN and their own cloud services.


Once Cohesive Environment: From Branch to WAN to Datacentre

  • Automated
  • Instantaneous policy-driven modifications
  • Simplified fulfillment & management
  • Freedom of choice
  • Open
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