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Passive Optical LAN


High Capacity Fibre Based Infrastructure

Enterprises and public organisations face a huge growth in demand for faster data transfer rates over LANs spurred on by ever more complex applications accessed from an increasing list of data hungry client side devices consuming voice, video and software data.

This growth is fed by employees, customers, wider geographical connections and the standard adoption of WiFi to enable constant mobile connectivity. Add to this the constant addition of new devices onto networks with the internet of things that previously were not envisaged to be connected and every market segment is challenged to accommodate data needs using traditional copper Ethernet LAN cabling.

Passive Optical LAN (POL) provides a high capacity fiber based infrastructure that enables organisations to run multiple services converged over minimal cabling and switching.

Active Ethernet LAN Passive Optical LAN
Legacy parallel networks for different services (voice, data, CCTV, etc) One common fibre network for all services
Fixed bandwidth, limited bandwidth potential Higher peak bandwidth, unlimited bandwidth potential
Additional security system required (need to be provisioned and maintained) Built-in security features
Reach: 30-100m Reach: 20km
Lifespan: 4-6 years Fibre lifespan: 50+ years
Bigger cable space and weight Smaller and lighter cables
Active plant: requires power supply and backup (UPS), cooling and maintenance Passive plant: does not require power supply, cooling and maintenance
Multiple LAN equipment rooms/enclosures/outside cabinets to store workgroup switches Minimal space and enclosures, passive splitters can be wall-mounted
Copper cable is susceptible to environmental interference Optical cable is immune to environmental interference


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