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Massively Scalable DDI Management Software

VitalQIP provides a centralised IP address repository serving as a single pane of glass for the complete end to end DHCP and DNS management of any organisation. It manages both IP address allocations and assignments as well as DNS name services. It glues the DNS and DHCP protocols dynamically together allowing simple IP address configuration and IP address management.

It is Nokia’s complete DDI solution; providing DHCP, DNS and IP address management capable of addressing the growing complexity of managing an explosion of new devices and protocols across large distributed networks.

Ideal as a solution for partners that offer DDI management as-a-service, or for use in-house:

  • Carrier grade throughput, performance, scalability and reliability
  • Manage hundreds of DNS and DHCP servers supporting millions of IP addresses
  • Integration with OpenStack, virtualised and cloud environments
  • End to end audit capability for compliance reporting
  • Next generation IPv6 address management and industry first IPv6 failover
  • Proven global install base over 20 years of expertise


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