Active WDM Key Features
  • 1U transmission platform
  • Scaleable to 40 channels
  • Amplifiers, PM, protection switching
  • Industries smallest 10G transponder footprint
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Active WDM


T-4900 Series

The T-4900 is one of the smallest 10G footprints available on the market but still benefits from up to four transponders in a 1U form factor, in-built EDFA amplifiers, Performance Monitoring, Line Protection and Network Management. Pluggable XFP optics means that the T-4900 platform is truly a pay as you grow platform reducing network complexity and spare part holding. All data rates between 9.4Gbps and 10.7 Gbps are handled which makes the T-4900 suitable for 10G Ethernet (Lan and WAN), SDH/SONET (STM-64/OC-192) and 10G Fibre Channel.

SmartOptics T-4900 Series

T-4408 Series

The T-4408 Series is an ultra-compact 1U C/DWDM transmission system for all data-rates and all protocols between 100 Mbps and 4.25 Gbps. Sixteen SFP cages allow up to 8 traffic channels with a further two cages available for optical surveillance. 3R regeneration is available as standard for all protocols meaning that the T-4408 can also be used as a repeater. Performance Monitoring is available for Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel.

SmartOptics T-4408 Series

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