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2014 Will See Big Data Performance Management Boom

Could 2014 be the year we see application performance management (APM) not just spot your problem – but start helping to solve it?

That’s the intriguing prediction from experts at Riverbed – who also say the only way such a breakthrough can happen is if the APM toolset being used is equipped to compare the current state with the past, in great detail.

In other words: get ready for what the team dubs ‘Big Data APM,’ or technology for analysing detailed transactional and environmental data with enough granularity that performance anomalies (or the ‘root cause’ culprits of problems) don’t get detected.

After all, a point made by Riverbed’s senior manager for product marketing, Tom Fisher, is that Big Data style methods look like the only way for administrators to record and index all transaction trace information with the kind of extremely low overhead they’d like.

Fisher, commenting on the announcement in a blog on the company’s website, adds, “Only Big Data APM provides the breadth and depth of application performance analysis to ensure that your increasingly complex application environment becomes and remains well tuned.”

Fisher works for Riverbed Technology, the WAN optimisation specialist .

For more information about Riverbed, please click here and to view the blog post in full click here .

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