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ABB Uses Riverbed To Ensure Peak Performance Of Apps

Riverbed Technology has announced that ABB is using its solutions to ensure the peak performance of business critical applications.

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. In North America alone the company has 30,000 people in its operations dispersed across manufacturing, service, and other facilities.

The company has applications that handle ordering and pricing for the manufacturing and shipping teams.

Michael Kerkau, network infrastructure and operations manager at ABB, explained: “These applications are used thousands of times an hour and it’s a real hit to the business when they are not performing well. Our business leaders tell me that an outage can cost their business $1,000,000 a day.”

With the pressure that ABB is therefore under to keep these apps running at an optimum level, the company turned to Riverbed SteelCentral solutions and Riverbed Professional Services.

The firm’s IT team uses SteelCentral Web Analyzer to track key web-application performance metrics and analyse web-application behaviour. This enables ABB to detect problems early on, meaning they can eradicate any issues before the apps’ performance suffers.

Kerkau added: “I use Riverbed SteelCentral Web Analyzer as the canary in the coal mine to tell me when we might be experiencing issues with certain applications.

“With Web Analyzer, I can see application performance from end-to-end, track key performance metrics, get granular analysis of application behaviour, and share it with the applications and server owners. That enables the support teams to quickly shift the focus of the effort to the real culprit.”

Kerkau has now reduced the time he spends troubleshooting application performance problems from 16 hours a week down to just one.

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