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Anonymous Announces OpSilence the New Cyber-Attack Campaign

Anonymous, the well-known ‘hacktivist’ collective, have selected their next targets for this month’s series of cyber-attacks in their latest campaign named OpSilence. Mainstream media outlets will be the next sufferers with the group already successfully launching multiple attacks on the email servers of CNN and FOX News.

One of the hackers, who claims to work for the Ghost Squad team, one of the most active sub-divisions of Anonymous, explained to Softpedia that the campaign’s goal is to attack mainstream media outlets that fail to report on the Palestine war or the true crimes happening in Syria. In previous campaigns launched by the group, the cyber-attacks on Anonymous’ victims have involved launching DDoS attacks on public websites to force them offline, or by attacking their email servers.

Last month, Anonymous launched a similar campaign with on-going attacks throughout May. The campaign called OpIcarus was launched targeting the world’s largest banks including the Bank of England, Central Bank of Cyprus, National Bank of Panama and many other international financial institutions. Following the increase of DDoS attacks and other advanced threats, the financial sector were set on high alert for major cyber-attacks and warned to increase their online security.

Anonymous and other hacking groups will always be changing their targets, so even if your customers do not work within the media sector they could still be vulnerable to an attack. Ensure your customers are protected with world-class security solutions from Arbor Networks. For more information about why organisations need DDoS and advanced threat protection and to learn the benefits they deliver, contact Zycko.

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