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Application Performance Road Blocks – What To Do

There are only 56 days left until Christmas and retailers should start thinking about application performance blockages that might impact this busy trading period.

According to experts at WAN optimisation specialist Riverbed Technology, there are three main hassles to prevent.

Riverbed’s Peco Karayanev, a Product Manager at the firm who has recently blogged about these issues, calls them the post-release trauma, the slow performance at peak hours and the monitoring overload headache.

By post release trauma, Karayanev means failing to fully test your systems in the face of real customer load – the only cure for which is true visibility into every transaction’s flow, end-to-end. Meanwhile, peak hour crawls equals, not surprisingly, inferior performance at today’s peaks, let alone the busy shopping days the holidays will bring – so look to get real fine-grain details to work out issues now.

And, last but not least, monitoring overload is that worry that your existing tooling won’t scale to deliver immediate access to performance data when you’re most going to need it.

Karayanev’s team helps deliver Riverbed’s proven Performance Management solutions.

For more information about Riverbed Technology, please click here, and to view the blog post in full click here.

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