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Arbor Introduces Version 2.1 of Arbor Networks Spectrum

Arbor Networks Inc., the security division of NETSCOUT, has introduced version 2.1 of Arbor Networks Spectrum™, its advanced security analytics and threat hunting platform. Arbor Spectrum empowers security teams to uncover, investigate and prove sophisticated attack campaigns within minutes, not hours or days.

Today’s most dangerous network security threat is human orchestrated attack campaigns – a series of hidden events engineered to locate and extract valuable data. Traditional defences like intrusion prevention systems (IPS), firewalls and security information and event management (SIEM) only generate singular security events, missing the overall campaign picture. Recent approaches like sandboxes are being bypassed, and organisations struggle to scale and operationalise newer endpoint offerings. Arbor Spectrum is a network-based advanced threat protection solution that delivers complete visibility with packets and flows to record the multiple stages of attack campaigns, while preserving the context needed to take swift and decisive action.

Arbor Spectrum v2.1 includes intuitive workflows that aggregate confirmed indicators of compromise (IOCs) into formal investigations on a visual timeline, enabling novice and experienced incident responders to collaborate and maintain continuity during security operations centre (SOC) shift changes. By connecting data such as host profiles and network connections with workflows to validate and escalate investigations, security teams are empowered to make decisions faster and with higher confidence than with traditional solutions.

Read the full press release from Arbor Networks here.

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