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Could RPM Dashboards Unlock System Performance Blocks?

Is there a proven way to get to the bottom of common application performance monitoring (APM) and network performance management (NPM) headaches?

Experts at Riverbed believe the only real answer to troubleshooting our way to the source of problems in these critical areas is to bring end-user experience metrics, infrastructure monitoring and application performance data into one overall ‘dashboard.’

In fact, Riverbed, which has deep experience of both these areas, offers a solution to the market that does just this – the Riverbed Performance Dashboard, now on its 2.3 release.

The issues the Dashboard is designed to help sysadmins with were recently well laid out by Patrick Campbell, the technical marketing engineer in the WAN optimisation specialist’s Performance Management team.

With the Dashboard, he claims, “You no longer have to fiddle around with accessing a specific user interface (UI) or dashboard for one solution and another UI or dashboard for another solution”.

How come? Because the latest version of the system integrates the vendor’s Cascade network performance management solution, he says – which means that both APM and NPM data is always in one place, going forward.

For more information about Riverbed Technology, please click here and to view the blog post in full, please click here.

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