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Demand For Video & Telepresence Kit Rising

The global enterprise telepresence and videoconferencing market is experiencing a strong return to growth.

That’s according to no less an authority than respected market watcher Infonetics Research, which has just published its 4Q13 and end of year in-depth study of the performance of the sector.

Its data points to a five per cent year over year (2013 on 2012) rise in sales for such technology, to $3.2BN.

EMEA and Asia stood out in terms of geographies with marked appetite for such solutions, both up a very healthy eight per cent.

As a result, the number-crunchers have full confidence in continued strong market performance for video and telepresence, expecting a three per cent compound annual growth rate hike all the way out to 2018.

Infonetics has noted a number of changed behaviours in customers, however, flagging up a shift from high-end telepresence suites and multi-purpose room systems to more and more interest in client end videoconferencing solutions.

A supplier with highly relevant equipment in this growing market is HD (high definition) video communications expert LifeSize, which sells just such a class of solution.

LifeSize is the HD video solutions arm of IT firm Logitech.

For more information about LifeSize, please click here .

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