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ExaGrid Beating Larger Local Rivals EMC, CEO Believes

ExaGrid and EMC, two Massachusetts-based technology firms, are doing battle in the world of backup hardware.

Despite being the smaller of the two companies, ExaGrid is confident that it is slowly winning the competition with its local rival. This is because, though dwarfed in size, the company is focused solely on this technology, whereas EMC provides a broad range of solutions.

Speaking to Forbes, ExaGrid's CEO Bill Andrews said: “I respect EMC and it has great people. But we have a better backup product than EMC Data Domain. ExaGrid’s product has a shorter backup window, does a better job of keeping a fixed backup cycle time, has a faster restore time, and boots virtual machines faster.”

To demonstrate its popularity, ExaGrid has over 350 published customer case studies from the 2,000 plus businesses using its backup solutions. In an increasingly lucrative market, this is no mean feat; indeed, by ExaGrid’s estimates sales of disk-based backup with data deduplication to mid-market to small enterprises will reach $900 million in 2015.

The data backup market is only going to increase over the coming years too, with the volume of data people needing to backup doubling every two and a half years.

Returning to ExaGrid's battle with its local American rivals, Andrews states: “We win 70 per cent of the time against EMC. But 30 per cent of customers we go after buy everything from EMC because of political relationships and its brand.”

Nevertheless, the CEO concludes that following double-digit growth in 2013 and 2014, the ExaGrid is on course for an initial public offering on the stock market by 2017.

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