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ExaGrid Systems ’Recommended’ For Disk Backup

ExaGrid Systems' products have been named on a list of the top solutions for disk backup for midrange organisations by independent analyst firm DCIG.

The award came in DCIG's '2014-15 Deduplicating Backup Appliance Under $50K Buyer’s Guide' and '2014-15 Deduplicating Backup Appliance Under $100K Buyer’s Guide' reports.

According to DCIG analysts, the reports found that ExaGrid solutions offered a unique combination of a landing zone and full appliances in a scale-out GRID architecture, providing an alternative solution to competitors.

Bill Andrews, CEO of ExaGrid, has stated that the results of the two reports further validate ExaGrid's mission to provide customers with stress-free backup storage solutions by solving the backup problem. He said: “We win 70 per cent of the business deals we’re in — our record speaks for itself, and so does our technological approach.”

Commenting on the firm's solutions, president and lead analyst of DCIG Jerome Wendt agreed that ExaGrid meets all the requirements of organisations, including fast backups, fast restores, instant VM boots, fast tape copes and maintaining a fixed length backup window. "ExaGrid’s solutions stand well above the competition on these fronts,” he said.

Wendt also argued that ExaGrid is the only company within the market responding to the increasing pressure of new and more advanced storage technologies, which increases volume of data and boost firms' requirements for stronger, more reliable storage offerings.

By providing implemented reduplication, Wendt suggested that ExaGrid meets all the challenges of backup storage to ensure the ideal backup solution with reduced up front costs.

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