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ExaGrid Wins ’Return On Investment’ Award

ExaGrid Systems Inc has announced that it has won the 'Return on Investment' award at the Annual Network Computing Awards 2015 ceremony in London, cementing the firm's leadership position in the disk-based backup storage with deduplication market.

Launching in 2007, the Network Computing Awards recognise the companies and solutions that enable organisations to better function by ensuring they get the most from their systems and networks.

The 'Return on Investment' award is a new award category introduced in 2015 to represent the solution that enables organisations to reduce operating costs and improve productivity.

Following online voting, ExaGrid became the first winner of the award, confirming the firm's unique position in the market as the only organisation to provide clients with a purpose-built, scale-out approach to disk-based backup with deduplication.

Using its unique software, ExaGrid protects its customer from requisite forklift upgrades that customers face when using a scale-up approach as they grow their business.

ExaGrid is also able to offer customers the option of mixing and matching any size or age appliance, protecting their clients from the threat of product obsolescence and ensuring ongoing investment protection.

According to Bill Andrews, CEO of ExaGrid, the firm is "proud" to have been acknowledged by the industry as the first winner of the new and prestigious award.

"This award reflects our ongoing efforts and steadfast commitment to deliver the fastest and most cost-effective disk-based backup solution,” he said.

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