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Fusebill Picks Riverbed SteelApp To Handle Peak Traffic

Riverbed Technology has announced that Fusebill is using its SteelApp products to embrace scalability in the cloud.

Fusebill automates the invoicing, billing and collections of subscription-based services for its range of clients. It was revealed that the company has chosen Riverbed, a leader in application performance infrastructure , to deploy SteelApp so that it could seamlessly scale its cloud provisioning to handle spikes in traffic.

The move will reduce the time and complexity of scaling and re-pricing in cloud environments. It also helps Fusebill to simplify Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance while removing the risk of over-provisioning in which the firm was paying for servers in a data centre that sat unused for 99 per cent of the time.

Fusebill realised that traffic to its site peaks at the beginning of the month when its customers use services to pay bills or send out invoices. It looked to Riverbed SteelApp so it could manage this surge in traffic but then easily scale back down for the rest of the month.

Greg Burwell, vice president of technology at Fusebill, explains why the company selected to Riverbed to solve its problem. He said: “SteelApp has all the traffic management functionality and integrated web application firewall we need at a price point that is friendly for smaller to mid-sized companies.

“SteelApp saves us money by eliminating the need to over-provision the infrastructure for the traffic peaks at the beginning of the month. Also, having a web application firewall from Riverbed, a recognised vendor, ensures that we meet PCI compliance.”

For more information about Riverbed, please click here.

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