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Gartner Identifies New Integrated Systems Magic Quadrant

Gartner has identified a new ‘Magic Quadrant’ – Integrated Systems, otherwise known as converged infrastructure.

Riverbed, a leading provider of application performance infrastructure , agrees with this shift in the market and is responding accordingly; Riverbed SteelFusion is an integrated system that combines server, storage, network, management and a virtualisation platform into a single appliance.

Gartner opens its 'Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems' report by stating: “The integrated system market is growing at 50 per cent or more per year, creating an unusual mix of major vendors and start-ups to consider.” The analyst firm goes on to identify four main areas of the converged infrastructure market; integrated stack systems, integrated infrastructure systems, integrated reference architectures, and fabric-based computing.

Riverbed SteelFusion would fall under the second group, that is to say it is an integrated infrastructure system. It is a product, because of the fact that, as mentioned, it combines multiple technologies into one appliance, which is purpose built for branch offices.

A blog post by Rob Whitely of Riverbed explains: “SteelFusion is the third generation of integrated systems. It’s not designed to tackle data centres, but rather is laser-focused on the needs of branch offices – the next frontier of integrated systems.”

The benefits this approach offers includes streamlining branch infrastructure for both time and cost efficiencies. Mr Whitely points out the three main aspects of the solution: converge, centralise and protect. From reducing service provisioning through to dramatically improving data recovery, bringing dispersed infrastructure together into one solution is clearly the way the market is moving and Riverbed has placed itself at the forefront of this trend.

WAN optimisation specialist Riverbed Technology leads the market in the supply of application performance management solutions.

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