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Hitachi Content Platform Object Store Praised By Gartner

Respected independent IT analyst group Gartner has given some high praise to key technology from enterprise storage giant Hitachi Data Systems.

In an in-depth new report on the latest developments in the area of non-traditional storage options for CIOs, ‘Critical Capabilities for Object Storage,’ the market watcher has decided that the Hitachi Data Systems’ offering in this sector – the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) Object Store – is well ahead of the pack.

The HCP has won such high marks in archiving, content distribution and cloud storage that it’s ended up with the top overall score. The report goes on to note that HCP is currently the product on the market with the most robust set of security features the researchers could find.

Fantastic as this recognition is, says the vendor, what’s really more important in terms of recognition is that over 800 organisations across the globe are now utilising it – working with a pretty impressive 150 petabyes worth of data, too.

HCP, though, is really only part of the picture – as users get the most value by combining it with two other key Hitachi technologies, Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere and Hitachi Data Integrator.

Hitachi, the leaders in cloud ready infrastructure, offers enterprises solutions to reduce storage costs.

For more information about Hitachi Data Systems, please click here.

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