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Hitachi Data Systems Commits To New Deal With Channel Partners

Enterprise storage products giant Hitachi Data Systems has decided to boost its resources for the channel. After a number of internal changes, the company has come out fighting, with a promise to provide even more support for partners.

Thus, according to the executive with responsibility for this vital end of the firm’s sales: “Moving into FY14 in April, we are looking at where to put the right resources for growth”.

That executive is the company’s chief operating officer – a new ranking for the operation in the UK, with the company claiming its creation “brings to the fore” the pivotal role partner engagement has for the company.

The COO, Lynn Collier, told the UK channel press this week she will be aided in terms of her channel work by a number of new product marketing hires, who will all be tasked with supporting the channel in terms of delivering necessary technical expertise.

Resellers are also going to be given more clarity on account segmentation, reportedly, with the company preparing to detail in depth how customer account activity will be divided up between its direct sales reps and channel entities.

Hitachi Data Systems is the data storage products arm of global engineering leader Hitachi.

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