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How Ecommerce Sites Can Ensure A Happy 2013 Xmas

A glitch in its IT systems left RBS customers unable to make card payments yesterday. Though thankfully bank IT glitches – as affected RBS customers – really are rare, the fact is websites and the systems behind them can fail, particularly when experiencing heavy usage.

That’s going to be extremely problematic for your organisation if that ‘unplanned downtime’ happens in the next few weeks during the peak holiday season.

IT problems that can affect ecommerce, meanwhile, don’t always have to be as drastic as a total system crash. Other problems, like sluggish performance or inability to conclude transactions, can be equally destructive to your online brand’s credibility.

Experts recommend, especially with Xmas just weeks away, spending some time now to try and minimise your chances of an RBS-level outage.

So look to load test your servers to see if adding more memory or removing unwanted data could help.

It might also be  time to think about adding servers, running your key web pages through good testing harnesses, say technologists. A great option here: competitive server products from Huawei.

An outstanding solution that can really help on optimising network performance, meanwhile, is the Stingray appliance from WAN optimisation specialist Riverbed.

For more information about Huawei, please click here and for more information about Riverbed, please click here.

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