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JEO Consulting Group Deploys Riverbed SteelHead

Riverbed Technology, the leading firm in application performance infrastructure, has announced that JEO Consulting Group is using Riverbed SteelHead and SteelHead Mobile to improve client satisfaction and enable its employees to work from anywhere.

With the help of Riverbed Technology, JEO Consulting has been able to encourage inter-office collaboration and shrink the time needed for employees to download large project files. Not only has this boosted productivity but it has also helped employees work more closely with their clients and ensure projects are completed on time.

After deploying Riverbed's solutions, the group has also found that SteelHead solution enables them to locate offices in small towns where it wishes to have a presence, while also ensuring top application performance regardless of distance from application sources.

JEO has deployed SteelHead across its data centre and offices, while SteelHead Mobile Software has been installed on all employee laptops. This Riverbed solution has enabled centralised, application-driven control of hybrid networks with tailored policies that make it easy for the firm to configure and manage path selection.

Using Path Selection, JEO can direct applications over the most appropriate network path based on business needs, ensuring that critical applications are moved over the fastest networks and less critical applications are sent via the internet.

Commenting on the firm's latest deployment, JEO IT manager Patrick Dix said: “SteelHead allows us to have power users in these small offices. We can put in SteelHead and get the benefits without the recurring bandwidth costs.”

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