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KEMP Announces LoadMaster Pack For VMware

KEMP Technologies has announced that its LoadMaster management pack for VMware vRealize Operations is now generally available.

The company, a leading provider of load balancing solutions, has said that this update will provide increased visibility for virtual infrastructure administrators into the performance of distributed KEMP-powered load balancing infrastructures.

As companies run more and more applications within their virtual environment, load balancing tools have become increasingly important. Load balancers offer insight to the user about the health and performance of the applications that their underlying infrastructure supports, making sure they can identify and address any issues before they affect the end user.

KEMP states that VMware vRealize Operations provides intelligent operational insight for administrators, making it easier to automate and manage their environment based on custom and out-of-the-box policies, regardless of the underlying platform. This leads to improved performance, detection of issues before they become problems and enhanced visibility about trends in the environment.

Peter Melerud, CMO at KEMP Technologies, commented: "KEMP's customers by-and-large are using VMware tools for the management, automation and administration of their application infrastructures.

"By leveraging the various extensibility programs offered by VMware to integrate with these tools, such as vRealize Operations, we're able to offer additional operational intelligence about application infrastructures and help customers solve the challenges they face in delivering optimal performance for their end customers."

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