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KEMP Launches New Family Of High Performance ADCs

KEMP Technologies has unveiled a new family of high performance application delivery controllers (ADCs).

The company, a leader in load balancing and ADC solutions, says that the new products will enable customers to more easily scale as their application performance and security needs evolve.

The KEMP Technologies 5000 series of ADCs is primarily targeted at medium and large enterprises with high transaction intranet and backend workflow applications. The 8000 series meanwhile scales up to 30Gbps of application throughput, meaning it can meet the needs of larger environments, service providers, and web scale deployments.

KEMP states that both the 5000 and 8000 series come standard with multiple 10Gb interfaces, adding that these new products are the only load balancers with native software-defined networking (SDN) adaptive traffic steering capabilities. These improvements to its ADC will enable KEMP LoadMaster to seamlessly integrate in SDNs and provide optimal application quality of experience.

Peter Melerud, chief marketing officer for KEMP, added that the company has "engineered its LMOS – the ADC operating system driving its appliances – to take full advantage of the latest advancements in Intel Xeon processors, including increased core count and performance".

Eric Hanselman, chief analyst at 451 Research, said this of KEMP's new family of ADCs: "KEMP is addressing two important requirements in ADC scale and integration.

“Leveraging next generation processor capabilities is complex, but can have the great performance benefits today’s applications demand. The SDN integration capabilities could give customers greater agility in deploying critical network and security functionality with associated operational savings."

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