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KEMP Offers Free LoadMaster For DevOps

KEMP Technologies has launched a free version of its popular LoadMaster application load balancer, which is now available for unlimited use.

According to KEMP, the free solution makes it easy for IT developers and open source technology users to benefit from the features of a full commercial-grade product at no cost.

The firm's new Free LoadMaster removes the challenge of truly replicating the interactions that take place in full production infrastructure while in the process of testing and development, surpassing the limitations of many free components to ensure all of the function available in the commercial version of the product is available.

Cliff Grossner, Ph.D – an analyst for data centre, cloud and SDN solutions at Infonetics Research, now part of IHS – states that KEMP Technologies' free LoadMaster DevOps software is one of the top use cases for companies moving to off-premises cloud services.

He continued: “Using exactly the same technology during app development and subsequent deployment brings agility to the DevOps process, streamlining application development and reducing costs. KEMP’s launch of a fully featured and free application load balancer is just one example of how it provides thought leadership in the ADC market.”

KEMP's solution provides access to around 95 per cent of all functionality inside of the product for workflow automation and scripting, with the Powershell and Java API wrappers providing the flexibility for the language used to instrument and integrate Free LoadMaster software into regular development and testing procedures.

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