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KEMP Technologies Collaboration Creates LiquidSecurity Hardware

Leading technology firm KEMP Technologies has announced the launch of its LiquidSecurity Hardware Security Module family following a collaboration with top semi conductor company Cavium.

The new LiquidSecurity family is set to offer the next generation in transaction security for cloud applications by enabling seamless integration of the new technology with KEMP's Virtual LoadMaster Series of Cloud ADCs.

The result of this collaboration is an integrated solution that enables secure application delivery in heavily virtualised and cloud environments to ensure dedicated storage and faster operations during application deployment. Meanwhile, Virtual LoadMaster enables customers to deliver high availability, load balancing and traffic optimisation in market-leading cloud environments.

This collaboration between the two solutions offers a new level of efficiency for customers, ensuring that customers can rapidly expand their secure transaction capabilities in a low cost and effective way, which utilises private, public and hybrid cloud models.

According to KEMP, the LiquidSecurity family offers a highly secure, high performance and cost effective solution that meets required specifications. A no-compromise solution, LiquidSecurity is a highly secure solution for applications that easily integrates into any type of cloud model.

Commenting on the new collaborative solution, CMO of KEMP Technologies Peter Melerud stated that the company was excited about the opportunity to work with Cavium to bring the integrated solution to the market. He said: “Crypto As A Service is becoming important for KEMP as its VLM series of cloud ADCs get deployed in IaaS providers. Cavium’s LiquidSecurity solution provides the much needed solution for this space."

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