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Lifesize Cloud Achieves Groundbreaking Technology’s ’10X Factor’

For new technology to be considered truly “groundbreaking” it has to be at least 10 times better than the existing solutions, industry experts have claimed.

In a blog post, Lifesize, the video conferencing specialist, states new technology that is only 30 or 50 per cent faster than what is available at the moment cannot be called groundbreaking. Instead the company says it follows “the 10X Factor”, which essentially means that for a new solution to be labelled innovative, it has to provide at least 10 times the benefits of what is on the market already.

The 10X Factor can come in many areas though, as Lifesize explains: “A new product may have two times better compression, be two times more affordable, and be six times more efficient to deploy. Add it all up, and you have a 10 times better overall product, and a real groundbreaker.”

The Lifesize cloud, which allows customers to access video conferencing tools via the cloud in an easy and affordable way, adheres to this logic. By using the disruptive and innovative capabilities of the cloud, the company set about creating a platform that would reinvent the market.

The blog explains how the Lifesize Cloud achieves the 10X Factor over previous solutions. It says: “Popular electronic devices have limited value by themselves. That value is multiplied when you connect them to networks of other things. The same is true for Lifesize Cloud.

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“Users easily connect to applications and people. Your directory automatically updates whenever new users register endpoints. Collaboration is as easy as ‘point and click’. And the more people you collaborate with, the more useful the service becomes.”

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