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LifeSize Delineates Best Video Software Selection Approaches

LifeSize has released guidance for organisations looking to implement a mobile video conferencing solution. Video conferencing via PC, tablet or smartphone has the potential to transform business interaction and these technologies are becoming easier to use, says the firm.

However, the capabilities of the solution and the particular needs of the organisation must be carefully assessed to ensure that the right choice is made.

Some of the crucial points to consider, for example: device support is a key factor for a company looking to deploy a mobile video conferencing solution – and with the rise in BYOD use the solution needs to support as many PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices as possible.

New software should be able to work with companies’ existing solutions, with easy integration and management, and the solution should provide simplicity for users, while for larger companies, centralised management features, reporting and tracking functions and a suitable licensing model, are important. As a company grows larger these features may become desirable, so scalability becomes a requirement.

The software should deliver Firewall/NAT traversal to connect seamlessly with users outside the company network, while multiparty support and data sharing capabilities to allow effective collaboration and multiparty conferencing is recommended.

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