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LifeSize: How To Work Flexibly

Tools like video conferencing and high-speed internet have set the office on its way to becoming more of an idea than a physical place. That’s the opinion of high-definition video conferencing experts LifeSize who – along with other visionaries and commentators in the video conferencing space – believe many employers are growing used to the idea of “telecommuting”.

Undeterred by the high profile example of Yahoo!’s home working ban, they say flexible working is the way forward. By allowing employees to work from home part of the week and the office for the rest, the productivity and work-life advantages of telecommuting can still be felt.

The key to making it work is to first understand the benefits before then identifying what works for your company and what doesn’t. This needs to be followed up, they say, with clear communication from senior management about the policy you have decided to pursue and how employees can get involved.

In making this point it cites a recent survey by telecoms firm O2 that revealed only a fifth of employees believed their bosses supported flexible working compared to two-thirds of employers. Finally, LifeSize says, don’t be afraid to experiment with flexible working.

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