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Lifesize Solution Improves Vermont Firm’s Customer Relations

Trust Company of Vermont has used a Lifesize video conferencing solution to improve the ease and efficiency of its client communications.

With a client base of individual investors, corporations and non-profits spread across five locations in rural Vermont, America, the company had historically faced challenges in meeting its customers. As such, the company needed to find better ways of talking people through its various services that include custody, investment management, trustee and fiduciary advisement, and estate planning.

Maintaining face-to-face relationships with customers is extremely important because of the nature of the services they offer, but this had proved to be a difficult and costly process as the company often had to travel great distances to its clients’ offices. The problem was exacerbated in winter when bad weather made travelling particularly difficult.

Enter Lifesize, a division of Logitech. The specialist provider of video conferencing solutions deployed its Lifesize Icon product and the HD video communication tool immediately transformed the way the business interacted with its customers.

From regular video meetings through to training exercises, the company can now be in contact with its client base from the comfort of its own offices. Trust Company of Vermont has praised the solution for the speed of the deployment and for how intuitive it is to use.

Using the cloud-hosted video conferencing technology from Lifesize, employees can easily work remotely – all they need is a smart device and an internet connection. As well as improving relationships with clients, the adoption of Lifesize Icon has dramatically cut down on expensive travel costs, the company reported.

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