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Lifesize Underpins Innovative Film Making Company

Via Lifesize, On-Site Studios has transformed the way companies can film people in high definition without intruding into their busy schedules.

On-Site Studios, which is based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, makes marketing videos for clients. It called upon Lifesize, a leading provider of video conferencing solutions , to find a cheaper and more innovative way of producing its video content.

The journey started when the company’s founder A.J. Melaragno needed to find a way to film doctors at a medical centre in Chicago. Rather than making the doctors give up their valuable time, Melaragno sought a way to provide the tools so they could film themselves on-site at a time convenient for them.

The solution was that On-Site Studios would travel to a client’s premises and provide them with all the equipment they needed – from lights through to sound recording gear and cameras. The client could then film what they wanted to and this footage would be automatically uploaded to On-Site Studios so they could manage the post production; this meant that clients would get a product that was the standard you would expect from a third party filmmaker but without a lot of the cost and hassle.

Lifesize played an integral role in underpinning this new business model and allowing the company to grow exponentially. Lifesize serves as their back-end engine – it provides both the infrastructure to enable the transfer of footage as well as the innovative interfaces and technology so that On-Site Studios’ clients can intuitively use the filming equipment they are supplied with.

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