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LifeSize’s US Education Video Contribution Recognised

An American school district in Texas has pupils that regularly communicate with peers in countries as far away as Bosnia, Taiwan, India and Iran. Students at Del Valle High School, which is based just outside Austin, Texas, manage this feat – and take advantage of this truly world-class learning experience – through the power of modern videoconferencing, as supplied by market leader LifeSize.

As profiled in a fascinating recent article on their experience in leading US hi-tech magazine, Wired, the School is using the ClearSea open standard, software-based solution, which requires no special hardware.

With video conferencing, the piece points out, the best lecturers from around the world can be beamed straight into a classroom at a fraction of the cost hiring them in person would be.

The School’s principal, Michael Cunningham, is quoted in the piece confirming his students are now able to work with an astonishing 225 other schools in 75 countries, participating in a range of international educational projects.

Cunningham began this outreach in 2001 when he and his team discovered some sorely-underutilised video equipment, and haven’t looked back since, it seems.

LifeSize is the high definition video conferencing subsidiary of Logitech.

For more information about LifeSize, please click here.

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