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Linkon Enhances Travel Reservations With Riverbed SteelCentral

Riverbed Technology has revealed that Swedish travel company Linkon has deployed SteelCentral solutions to enhance its online travel reservation system.

Linkon is an independent supplier of online booking solutions for the Swedish travel industry. When it needed to upgrade its existing online system it turned to Riverbed, the leader in application performance infrastructure.

The travel company opted for Riverbed SteelCentral AppResponse and SteelCentral AppInternals to provide the visibility and tools necessary to proactively manage its reservation system. IT staff can now analyse, diagnose and fix back-end performance issues before they become an issue to employees or customers.

Needing to do millions of database lookups every day, the new faster system has dramatically improved the company’s efficiency. Any abnormal behaviour is instantly detected and can be resolved by fewer people and using concrete data. Furthermore, Linkon uses the analytical data generated by SteelCentral to build better relationships with suppliers and reduce the time to roll out new IT projects.

Around 100,000 reservations are made through the system per day. Thanks to Riverbed, Linkon has improved the entire service, making it easier to manage all aspects of a travel reservation from seat assignment, route selection and timetable through to payment.

Matthias Wessman, performance tester at Linkon, explained: “Finding and troubleshooting backend performance problems was almost impossible.

“With Riverbed SteelCentral, we now have a full overview of how our entire system works. We are able to spot abnormal behaviour in advance and work with concrete information. Riverbed helps us detect problems in our production environment we would never have discovered before.”

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