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Medallia Deploys Mellanox Ethernet Solutions

Mellanox Technologies

Mellanox Technologies, a leading supplier of high-performance, end-to-end interconnect solutions for data centre servers and storage systems, has announced that Medallia, the leading Customer Experience Management (CEM) provider, has chosen Mellanox Open Composable Network (OCN) Ethernet devices for its next-generation of 100GbE end-to-end solution. With the addition of Mellanox OCN architecture and devices, Medallia can now seamlessly upgrade its current 40/100GbE data centre to 50/100 GbE as the company reaches Hyperscale Infrastructure efficiency, achieves unprecedented throughput and latency, and delivers lightning-fast rock-solid application performance for its customers.

“Medallia’s software makes it possible for a company to put the voice of the customer into every one of its business decisions by pumping customer experience feedback throughout an organization in real time,” said Thorvald Natvig, lead architect, Medallia. “It’s a massive undertaking that requires cutting-edge computing power. Today, as many as 650,000 active users are on our system regularly. Those users all make real-time calculations, made possible by distributed in-memory analytics across hundreds of terabytes of data. This level of computing power is why Medallia has always been well ahead of the curve in terms of real-time, big data analytics and data-center efficiency.”

As part of its mission to help the world’s leading brands hardwire their organisations with customer feedback and drive stronger alignment, agility and business performance, Medallia selected Spectrum™ SN2700 Open Ethernet™ switches, ConnectX®-4 NICs and LinkX® cables from the Mellanox OCN Ethernet portfolio. Mellanox OCN solutions supply the efficient network fabric that is essential to handling the large amount of east-west traffic generated from inter-container communication, storage access, and scale-out storage cluster operations. The Mellanox OCN architecture also allows Medallia to enjoy the best of both worlds by continuing to use the Cumulus Linux switch operating system that simplifies its infrastructure management, and by benefitting from the performance and efficiency boost provided by the Spectrum switches.

“Our partnership with Mellanox ensures that the platform will continue to operate and scale with incredible efficiency,” Natvig said. “The combination of Cumulus Linux and Mellanox Spectrum switches will enable us to attain hyperscale infrastructure efficiencies for our 100GbE-generation system and operate one of the most cutting-edge data centres in the world.”

“When our customers use Cumulus Linux, they can simply run an apples-to-apples comparison between Spectrum and the alternative ASIC. Medallia did exactly that, identified the differences, and chose Spectrum. The Medallia team is an excellent example for an intelligent network team that leveraged the power of Open Ethernet to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness. Medallia was able to choose the right component at every possible level; ASIC, platform, and NOS,” said Amit Katz, vice president worldwide Ethernet switch sales, Mellanox. “Recently, more people are realizing that the Tolly report we have published is not a lab experiment, but concrete evidence of the true differences between Spectrum and the alternative.”

The Spectrum SN2700 switch delivers the highest 100GbE performance and easily addresses the increased demands of today’s data centre environments. Spectrum provides customers with an ideal spine and top-of-rack (ToR) solution for maximum flexibility, and includes port speeds covering 10Gb/s to 100 Gb/s per port and port density, while enabling full rack connectivity to any server at any speed. Powered by the Spectrum ASIC and packed with 32 ports running at 100GbE, Spectrum offers massive switching capacity of 6.4Tb/s with breakthrough 4.77Bpps processing capacity in a compact 1RU form factor.

Read the official press release from Mellanox here.

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