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Metricon Chooses Riverbed To Cope With Data Demands

Australian construction firm Metricon has used Riverbed Technology to help it cope with its growing data demands.

Metricon is one of Australia’s largest builders of new homes and it has been revealed that Riverbed SteelStore cloud storage gateway solution has enabled it to gain control of the growing volumes of data that need to be backed up and available for recovery.

Riverbed, the leader in application performance infrastructure , was selected because it reduced data storage costs and volumes by 80 per cent, shortened data transfer times by weeks and saved $28,000 annually on tape costs alone. Furthermore, the deployment of SteelStore saved Metricon more than 400 hours a year that it previously spent on backing up to tape.

Founded in 1976, the Melbourne-headquartered Metricon builds thousands of new homes across Australia every year, the records of which it keeps for 25 years. With offices across the country, the company had to find ways to improve its data management while not committing its IT teams to the task all the time.

George Chen, server engineer within the Metricon IT Group, explained that the company needed to find ways to improve efficiency when archiving or restoring data – Riverbed’s cloud product achieved just that.

He said: “Our data is growing at a rate of about 20 per cent a year, so reducing storage costs is important as the business grows. We can now accommodate data growth cost-effectively and with greater peace of mind."

“At their current growth rate, in five years, Metricon’s storage footprint will be close to 100 terabytes of data, but with SteelStore, their data footprint will remain at a manageable 20 terabytes or less.”

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