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Microsemi announces PowerDsine PD-PoE Extender

Microsemi is looking to extend the reach of power over Ethernet (PoE) systems with its PowerDsine PD-PoE Extender.

The single-port extender allows PoE systems to be distributed beyond 100 m, allowing standards-compliant networks to be put in place with reach of up to 200 m and power capabilities of 25.5 Watts.

No local power supply is needed; the extender itself simply draws its power from the PoE input of a midspan, meaning no additional cabling is required beyond a standard RJ-45 connection.

"Our new PoE extender enables both data and power to be delivered up to a distance of 200 m while complying with relevant standards. Other products can only deliver 15.4 Watts over these distances for standard-power, IEEE802.3af applications," says Sani Ronen, senior product marketing manager for Microsemi PowerDsine midspans.

Extenders can also be cascaded to provide up to 500 m of overall reach, with 802.3at power levels available when a PowerDsine 95xx midspan is used and 802.3af power provided by any 802.3at source.

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