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Mobile Application Performance Is ‘The New Black’

As business becomes more mobile friendly, mobile application performance providers – such as Riverbed Technology – further develop their offerings.

Along with fashion retailers and e-commerce sites, banking, entertainment and transportation services are all moving towards attracting customers on their mobile devices. Maintaining this customer base requires a steady application performance – performance glitches such as a dropped or balky connection can lead to lost customers and therefore lost sales, Chuck Moozakis of TechTarget reported.

A 2013 Forrester Research report found that an estimated 38 per cent of smartphone users and 31 per cent of those with a tablet would use these devices to make purchases in 2014. The research company predicts a jump to 55 per cent and 61 per cent respectively by the year 2018. The growing trend of using mobile devices has seen more and more companies focus on deploying tools where application performance is key to their network operations.

Jonah Kowall, a research vice president at Gartner said: "Increasingly, more and more of the important transactions that take place today are being conducted through mobile devices.

"For businesses… that are mobile first, their mobile presence drives their entire business. And for them, their mobile performance is their business performance."

He believes however, that vendors are aware of the rapidly developing mobile market and are striving to present products with a mobile application performance component, with Riverbed Technology being one such organisation.

Technology researchers Gartner predicts that 25 per cent of companies will extend their application performance management platforms to mobile users by 2018, noting that fewer than one per cent are currently doing so.

The monitoring of mobile performance by IT operations teams will also increase Gartner says. Currently, only a few IT operations departments are responsible for mobile application performance, growing to an expected 35 per cent in the coming four years.

Senior director of product marketing at Riverbed's SteelCentral line Nik Koutsoukos said: "You have to look at the [mobile] environment, what it looks like and what you need to instrument in order to monitor the end-user experience if you are going to claim you can provide enterprises with end-to-end visibility. We have been trying over the years to build a complete solution that covers all the elements across the application delivery chain.

"When you measure performance, you need to measure it from the point of view of the end user. You can look at the network and look at the application, but if you have no ability to look at and measure the performance from an end-user perspective, then you really can't talk about nor accurately reflect how the application is performing in that environment."

In an upgrade to its AppInternals application, Riverbed included mobile and analytics features for its users. Companies using the update will be able to pick out the software being used by iOS and Android devices. Koutsoukos added that the additions to the application – which works in harmony with Riverbed’s existing network performance management platform – will monitor performance and end-user experience to consolidate application behaviour.

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