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New Stingray Features Improve Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Performance

Enhancements to Riverbed Technology ’s virtual application delivery controller (ADC) offer more reliability, scalability, security and control for business applications.

Upgrades to the Stingray product family create faster, more secure websites and cloud applications, which are also easier to deploy. New features in Stingray Traffic Manager 9.6 and Services Controller 1.2 increase the performance of Microsoft SharePoint 2013, enabling enterprise and service provider customers to rapidly and effortlessly deploy application delivery services on demand while avoiding common cloud configuration-related pitfalls.

Available for both intranet and Internet with no changes to web browsers or applications, the Stingray Traffic Manager now features the latest Web Content Optimisation techniques, resulting in performance improvements for SharePoint 2013.

Other enhancements include a number of interoperability features and a key security development with a new cryptographic module that is awaiting validation for Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 1.

Enhancements to the Stingray Services Controller include more straightforward licensing and billing reports and increased visibility of an ADC-as-a-Service, complete with a comprehensive set of reports allowing customer feedback on the use of multiple resources. Administrators are given a helping hand through the inclusion of an operations graphical user interface (GUI), which helps to monitor ADC deployments.

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