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Office 365 Performance Challenges Can Be Met With Riverbed Technology

The early success of Microsoft’s cloud suite Office 365 has brought one big problem: its 1m users expect it to work just like it was on-premise. In other words, there’s clear acceptance by customers that a cloud-based business app is fine – but there’s little tolerance for any kind of performance wobbles just because it’s using that delivery mechanism.

The issue was recently highlighted by application performance specialist Riverbed Technology, which warns IT professionals that if an application is moved to any location immediately non-local to those who use it, there’s going to be an impact on delivery, simply down to distance and network connectivity.

For one thing, third-party tests have shown that performance can be up to 33 times slower for SharePoint in Office 365 than an on-premise alternative, unless steps are taken.

The firm’s technology evangelist Bob Gilbert advises in a recent blog post that the first step in cracking any Office 365 performance issue is to diagnose the problem by verifying the real issue and then seeking out the root cause.

“Riverbed offers the only solution in the market to both diagnose and cure application performance problems” like Office 365 issues, he adds.

For more information about Riverbed, please click here and to view the blog post in full, please click here.

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